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Welcome to Miracle Negative Ions

Miracle Negative Ions is a company that supplies high technology endless negative ions clothing which located in Singapore. We are committed to promote the awareness of health among the harmful environment nowadays. Radiation, PM2.5, unhealthy foods are around us everywhere everyday. Aren’t we should take care of our own health right now?

For healthy people: Stay healthy by wearing endless negative ions clothing with providing you 24 hours protection everyday.
For sick people: Negative ions were proven for its effectiveness in treating fatigue hypertension, asthma, cancer & other diseases. Put on our negative ions clothing to prevent pathological changes.
For recovering people: To prevent further disease or becoming more serious, wear negative ions clothing to promote self-healing and strengthen immunity.


What Are Negative Ions (Anion)?

Everybody know that sunshine, air and water are three essential elements for human to survive, and air is the most important. We also know the air contains oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and so on. Therefore, anions which float in the air are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are tasteless, ordorless and invisible which we can found in nature by the effects of water, ocean surf, waterfalls and jungle etc. The surroundings of waterfalls are filled with the greatest number of onions. When most people walk around the waterfall they will naturally take a deep breath and feel so relaxed and joyous. Means negative ions brings good health reflection for our body. Come together to explore how negative ions improve human's health.



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